Golau Jason Mason Solar

Golau Jason Mason Solar

Mason Jar Lid Light Up Llinynnol Gorchudd Llinynnol Cangen LED LED Canning Decor


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Addurniadol llinyn golaubylbiaua batripowered ledllinyn golausoamrywiol mathau i bodloni eich anghenionamMason jar golau.

Panelau solar: Monocrystal

Battery: 1*NI-MH 200mAh AAA batri

Math o LED: 10 gwyn dan arweiniad

Deunydd: Gwydr

Solar Mason Jar Light

solar mason jar golau is perfect amany location as they require no electricity, just simple sungolau i charge.,Built in golau sensor so that it auimatically turns on in the evenings a turns off in daytime i conserves the charged energy. Just look at these images a imagine our LED Mason Jar Lights on eich table ips or hanging in the air during the ceremonies. Create the beautiful, romantic atmosphere you a eich guest come i expect from a modern Wedding. Suitable amindoor or outdoor use, each mason jar is madeothick glass a includes our patented LED Mason Jar Lid built with 10/15/20 Fairy LEDs which are attached i a thin copper wire i create the dainty, whimsy appearance you see here. Equipped with an easy On/Off switch a notched hale, these batri powered Mason Jar Lights can be used on the ground or hanging in the air i illuminate trees, patios, gardens, pathways or other lascapes. Pair this with our unique Mercury Glass Votive Cale Holders, Plate Chargers, a Table Confetti i create the modern a chic look ameich event or special day. Our mason jars are staard sizes, so feel free i use them amcrafts a eich DIY projects. Add lace ribbons i match eich vintage theme a/or Burlap amthe modern rustic chic style. With a little biicreativity, you can come up with all sortsomason jar ideas i add the perfect iuch i eich event.
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