Newyddion Diwydiant

Swyddogaeth lleithydd? Sut i brynu lleithydd?

 Swyddogaeth lleithydd?
 1, to avoid tight skin, chapped
 Dry air can accelerate the loss of water in our bodies and the fibers break. This kind of damage can not be recovered, and then it can make up wrinkles that are not easy to recover.
 2, add the humidity of the air
 In the winter, the climate in the north is boring and special heating. In the morning, people wake up in the morning and often feel dry throat pain, skin peeling, and other symptoms. This is because the air is dry and boring can cause a lot of damage.
 3, to avoid fair, children's respiratory itching, discomfort
 The boring air can easily lead to respiratory diseases, especially for vulnerable groups such as ferrets and children. The boring environment can easily cause various respiratory infections such as asthma, emphysema, and tracheitis.
 4, can add vinegar for air sterilization
 Add some vinegar and boil it, dilute it, and fumigate it.
 5, relieve sore throat
 Optional Qingrejiedu oral liquid, Shuanghuanglian oral solution diluted with water and then added to the humidifier can prevent, relieve sore throat, nasal cavity drying and so on.
 6, heat and moisture
 In the dry season, a few drops of wind oil humidifying room in the water of the humidifier, smoked nose with steam, it has the role of heat, night, moisture, play a certain role in disease prevention.
 7, fashion display
 Beautiful and practical, cute and stylish cartoon style, floating clouds dreamy, such as romance, such as fairyland, enough to make people produce unusual creative inspiration.
 8, slow down the aging of furniture
 Furniture is in a dry environment, with accelerated aging, and even cracked deformation. Save furniture, musical instruments, books and other items, the air humidity should be maintained between 45% -65%.
 Humidifier's buying skills?
 1. Look at the amount of spray
 When consumers buy humidifiers, they often think that the greater the amount of spray, the better the humidification effect. In fact, some humidifiers have large particles with poor atomization, and some have a small amount of spray on the naked eye, but they are actually better because of the delicate moisturizing effect of the particles. The bear humidifier combines the above two advantages, with large and delicate spray and good results.
 2. Look at the brand
 Nowadays, there are many brands of humidifiers and the products are uneven. To choose a humidifier, you need to choose a well-known brand and a well-received product. Bear Humidifier is a well-known domestic small household electrical appliance brand bear electrical products, quality products are legendary.
 3. Antibacterial function
 The humidifier with antibacterial function is cleaner and healthier, and can prevent harmful substances such as bacteria and dust from being transmitted to the human body through the humidifier. The bear humidifier is equipped with a bacteriostatic water tank. The inner wall of the tank has a silver ion antibacterial coating that can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and scale accumulation. The antibacterial rate is as high as 99%.
 Humidifiers are a product that people often use in their daily life. Especially when the air is dry after entering the winter, it often makes many people unbearable. In this case, the humidifier becomes a must for many families. The product, many people will have such questions when purchasing: the role of humidifier? Humidifier purchase skills? Through the introduction of the humidifier, I believe we will have more knowledge of it.
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